Common Fence Styles from Wellington Fence Builders

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When it comes to fences, you have what seem to be endless options. Over the years, several different types of fences have developed to help give property owners more options based on what their needs are. Now, you can choose from fence styles based on the amount of money you have in your budget, the appearance you desire, the level of maintenance you can put in, and the functions you need the fence to serve. While all fence styles serve the basic purposes of increasing the security of your property, each different fence style has their own strengths that stand out beyond the basic purposes. We have outlined these strengths based on fence style so that you can get a better idea of what we offer you at Fence Builders Wellington, the number one fence company in Wellington.

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Wood Fences

Wood fences are the most affordable option for a fence, especially at Wellington Fence Builders. Wood fences are excellent at keeping your security intact for your residential property or commercial property. Wood fences come in a variety of different designs, like privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, picket fences, and more. One great trait about wood is that it is very customizable. Wood is easy to cut into desired shapes and sizes and wood can be painted or stained to look however you want it to look. Plus, wood comes in many different species, so if you like the strength or appearance of one species of wood specifically, you can get a wood fence made from that species. Wood fences also give you the opportunity to change appearances whenever you want, as they can be repainted at any point. Wood fences are great for someone who wants this option. Wood fences do require occasional maintenance since the finish on the wood wears away over time, so if you get a wood fence, you have to be prepared to take care of it. With the right amount of maintenance, a wood fence is sure to serve you well and give you everything you need from it.

PVC Fences

PVC fences, or vinyl fences, are very similar to wood fences in their functionality. PVC fences can act as picket fences, privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, and decorative fences. Naturally, PVC is a different material than wood, so its characteristics are different. PVC is a plastic-based material, so where wood fences would normally wear away in the presence of water, PVC fences will not. PVC is water resistant so you will never have to worry about rotting, erosion, or fading. Also, PVC is a mostly-fire resistant material, so in the event of a fire, your PVC fence should stay standing. PVC fences can come in a variety of different colors, too, so you can customize it based on your personal tastes. PVC fences require little maintenance except that you should wash them occasionally to remove any built-up dirt. With the right care, your PVC will stand strong and look beautiful for years. If you are someone who is passionate about the environment and you are unsure about using a plastic-based material, you do have the option of getting a recycled fence that was made from a discarded fence. As a fence company who cares about the earth, we are proud to offer you this option.

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Iron Fences

Iron fences are a wonderful choice for a fence because of how strong and intimidating they are. Iron is a strong and durable metal that will definitely keep your property safe and secure. Plus, when taken care of properly, they look great and will make a lasting impression on your visitors. Since iron is susceptible to rusting, it is important to keep them painted and finished to keep rain and other moisture off the metal. Iron fences can be used as decorative fences, security fences, pool fences, and more. You can even use an iron fence to surround your home or office. Iron fences can be painted to be any color you desire it to be, so this is a good customizable option, too. Also, iron is able to be bent to form shapes and designs, so this is a good option for a custom fence if you have a unique idea for an iron fence for your property. At Wellington Fence Builders, we can make it happen for you.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are like the PVC fence to a wood fence. It is very similar in design capability and physical appearance. In fact, aluminum fences are almost indistinguishable from iron fences, and they are more affordable. The only true difference between the two is the strength of the metal. Aluminum is softer than iron so it does not offer the same level of strength. However, aluminum fences are still a reliable and safe option for a fence to keep your property secure. Aluminum fences are also a great choice for custom fences since the material is much easier to bend and shape than iron. Aluminum fences’ ability to bend also makes them better suited for landscapes that are hilly or have frequent changes in elevation since they can be bent to match the shape of the land they are on. Aluminum fences are beautiful options for your property and they are resistant to rust and other water damages. Fence Builders Wellington provides the highest quality aluminum fences in Wellington.

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Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fences are the best-of-everything fence for your residential or commercial properties. Chain-link fences are strong, durable, and they come in a variety of colors and finishes. Chain-link fences can be constructed to be any size. Chain-link fences are constructed to withstand impacts, since the chain-link paneling is able to stretch without breaking. This feature makes chain-link fences suited for both residential and commercial use. Your children and pets won’t be able to break down the fence and on a commercial property you will not have to worry about objects colliding with your fence and breaking it. On top of these features, chain-link fences look great and will accent your property perfectly. As the number one fence company in Wellington, we make sure to give you the best chain-link fences in Wellington.

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